Mentorship Program

The Flower Studio Mentorship Program with Andie.

To help fellow florists to identify their strengths and weaknesses within the industry, I’ve created a mentorship program to help my colleagues grow their business, skillset, income, and profit. I help to identify and understand their skills and experience as a floral designer and budding new business. We will schedule a time for our meetings either via phone, FaceTime, or Google Meet. I ask that you keep me updated on any changes that may need to occur at least 48-hours in advance. I understand that emergencies happen, and I am absolutely willing to work around your schedule.

Currently, I am offering a six-month, twelve-month, and eighteen-month mentorship program to start. Your first 60-minute session is complimentary. We will start with setting one major goal and then work on minor goals throughout the program. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got a list of common goals we can choose from. Once our goals are set, and after each session, you will be responsible for writing me an email with the tasks you will be implementing to achieve those goals. Not everyone will achieve their goals at the same time, and that’s okay! We will work together at your own pace, and if for any reason you feel as though the mentorship program isn’t helping you, I ask that you give me a 30-day written notice. We of course will part as friends and you can always reach out if you should ever need me.

Classes coming soon!!

How do I start?

Once you’ve reached out, I will send over a questionnaire prior to our first complimentary session, where I can learn about your professional life, your business, and what your goals and expectations are.

Investment Options of the Mentorship Program for The Flower Studio